About Us

The Pearl of the Indian ocean or as we know it, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island located in the Indian Ocean. It is a tropical country with remarkable ancient ruins, endless beaches, exquisite mountain ranges and with a diverse culture. Mother nature has truly blessed our country with unfathomable amounts of resources, ranging from our breathtaking waterfalls, dense rainforests rich in biodiversity all the way to the astonishing and rare gem stones, there are more than 40 gem varieties and many more rare collector gemstones can be found in Sri Lanka and here, the gem industry has been in existence for over 2500 years. We, Niroshana Chandimal Leyanawanniarachchi and Melani Virginia Leyanawanniarachchi as the CEO and the Managing Director of  “Chanmel Gems Ceylon”, a company native of the city of Gems called “Ratnapura” in this precious Island, it is our greatest gratification to bring forth these gems to people like you around the world who would like to possess them as an amazing and a miraculous creation of mother nature. “Chanmel Gems Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd” currently owns number of mining lands/sites in Ratnapura and our very own lapidary for gem cutting since 2009. Presently our company has achieved our expansion while operating foreign  branches too. Chanmel Gems has created its own niche among many countries around the world by supplying high quality precious and semi-precious gem stones. As a company along with our professional team, our sole intention and ambition is to provide you with reliable and valuable services with the blessings of mother nature.

Our Vision

We envision to bring pride to our mother nation by being an undisputed gem exporter in the Sri Lankan Gem Industry while ensuring to be the most genuine and authentic gem dealers in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

We strive every day to put a smile on our customers’ faces through our high quality and ‘A’ grade gems which are individually sourced from exotic locations all over the world. We venture to help our customers celebrate occasions with their loved ones and ensure that they experience nothing but the best!

Why we’re a cut above the rest

0% Chemical Enhancements!

We refrain from using chemical enhancements and instead utilise natural gas to colour the Gems.

Product Warranty & Guarantee!

Each individual Gem is sold with a product warranty and guarantee in order to increase our customer satisfaction. Therefore, we include a gem report from a world recognized gem testing laboratory which carries an unique barcode that you can scan. This certification is provided free of charge.

Authentic Gems & Stones!

In order to withhold complete customer satisfactory, we purchase rough gem stones directly from mines and the market, then we take responsibility in cut and polishing these gemstones ourselves in order to ensure that our products are up to company standard.

Shipping prices

We Offer free shipping on all items within Sri Lanka and free shipping is available to any other destination by regular post. Also free shipping is available in China, Canada and the United States if similar products are available at our branch offices. Alternatively, you may be charged a fee for shipping the product if, we ship it to you directly from our head office in Sri Lanka, which may vary depending on the method you choose.  Don’t forget that we  offer free shipping if your cart value is more than U$2000.

Services we provide

Retail and wholesale dealers of precious and semi-precious gemstones & crystals

Gem cutting and polishing (calibrated or free size cutting, custom & fancy shapes)

Import and Export high quality gemstones

Gem mining

Regular heat treatments

Gem mine visits and holiday tour arrangements.

Chanmel Gems Outlets


National Gem and Jewellery authority (Platinum dealers license holder)
Sri Lanka Export Development board
Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery association
International colored Gem and Jewellery association
International Chamber of Commerce – Sri Lanka
Gemologists association of Sri Lanka.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Annually We participate in various Trade Shows and Exhibitions around the world such as shows in, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Europe. Please contact us for more details and information about the shows we take part in your country or city.