Mineral Specimens, Crystals & Rare Gemstones

This is a wonderful creation of mother nature . Minerals are naturally occurring elements which are stable at surface temperatures. minerals have played a significant role in human life.Mineral collecting can also be a part of the profession of mineralogy and allied geologic specialties.Generally considered the “father of mineralogy”, Georgius Agricola (1494–1555) was also an avid mineral collector.Mineral collectors find a variety of reasons to collect minerals. Many minerals are strikingly beautiful and collected for their aesthetic value. Others collect to learn more about mineralogy, the local mining industry and/or local geology. From use in basic home life and daily routines, to weaponry to art, architecture, medicine, science and technology, minerals are used in almost every object and product we all use from day to day.Rocks are naturally occurring combinations of two or more minerals.Fine quality mineral specimens are very hard to find and these fantastic, naturally occurring mother nature’s works of art are not cut or polished by man, they are in their natural look. They come in an unending variety of shapes, colors, and crystal arrangements, with no two pieces ever looking exactly the same.Fine minerals are always with good crystal form and size, free from external damages. Crystal specimens are the individual crystals them selves which make up a mineral in massive form or a rock, which is an aggregate of many different crystals.

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