It is also called the Star of Garnets because its name means “diamond-like”, alluding to its wonderful brilliance Working with the Heart chakra, people believe that Demantoid Garnet can help to remove obstacles that may come in the way of love. It is a wonderful crystal for married couples who also work together, to keep the cohesiveness in the relationship, it may help to let your partner know that nothing will come between the love you share with each other.

By wearing Dementoids, it helps to improve eyesight also it helps for blocked arteries, the immune system, and the respiratory system (especially illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia). Like other Garnets, Demantoid Garnet can be used to improve bone marrow, alleviate arthritis and rheumatism, and assimilate Vitamin A. The chemical formula is Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3 with chromium substitution as the cause of the demantoid green color. Ferric iron is the cause of the yellow in the stone.

Legends and Beliefs