Sinhalite is mostly found in the gem gravel beds of Ratnapura, in Sri Lanka. Large sihalites are very rarely can be found. Crystals however, are very rare, occasionally some can be found in Burma , in Eastern Siberia region of Russia, the Warwickite occurrence in Ontario, Canada, and the Mogok mines in Mandalay, Burma.

Legends and Beliefs

Sinhalite is a stone that represents joy in everyday life, urging the wearer to try new things. It is an ideal stone for people who are trying to open up to others.Especially for couples who are trying to get to know each other better, or in business, for groups that are working together on a project. It has also said to be a beneficial stone for people who have large spiritual tasks to fulfill. Sinhalite pushes the wearer to take these tasks seriously. It is a stone for success in the future.