The gemstone representing the positive powers of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology and Vedic Gemology is the Yellow Sapphire Stone also known widely as Pushparagam and Pukhraj. The main 5 effective benefits of Yellow sapphire stones are, By Wearing yellow sapphire makes Jupiter strong in horoscope planet, and the weak horoscope becomes in a strong position. In a marital life, relationships can also be overcome . By wearing Yellow sapphire, you are able to attract the attention of people around you. Your ability to make decisions increases. Wearing yellow sapphire is increases the ability of thinking.

Jupiter is a natural benefit planet and represents good fate and fortune, divine guidance, divine grace, education, power of speech and knowledge. This planet also represents continuation of the family tree, power of mantras, and guidance from Guru or preceptors, fame and public acclaim. Jupiter is also known as Guru and Briahspati.

Legends and Beliefs

It is a well known fact that if a female individual is having obstacles in getting married, she should wear a properly consecrated Yellow Sapphire Stone. This remedy will remove the obstacles in getting married. We will analyze ascendant wise the combinations in which Yellow Sapphire Gemstone would be favorable. This analysis is as per Indian Vedic Astrology. .