Nawarathna – NW100

$270.00 $180.00

Kindly note that these pictures have been specifically magnified using micro/macro lenses to ensure clear images of any inclusions in the gemstones. Therefore, most of these inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Dimensions : N/A

Navaratna is a Sanskrit compound word meaning "nine gems" or “ratnas”.This is a set of 9 type of gemstones which significance in across many southern, and south-eastern Asian cultures as a symbol of wealth, status, and also as having other talismanic benefits to health and wellbeing.According to the mythological concepts around cosmology and astrology Ruby represent (Surya) Sun, Pearl is for (Chandra) Moon,Red coral for (Mangala) Mars,Emerald for (Budha) Mercury,Yellow sapphire for (Bṛhaspati) Jupiter,Diamond for (Shukra) Venus,Blue sapphire for (Shani) Saturn,Hessonite (gomeda) for Rahu (the ascending lunar node) and Cat's eye for Ketu (the descending lunar node).