Bi-Color Sapphire – WS1379

$298.00 $140.00

An exceptionally rare gem type.This gem naturally has several colors instead of one, that is blue, yellow,green and you can also see a colorless part too.It is found from a mine in Sri Lanka. Eye-clean but there are some inclusions that can only be seen when magnified/enlarged. Heated gem stone only by regular ,conventional heating methods and no chemical color enhancements.

Kindly note that these pictures have been specifically magnified using micro/macro lenses to ensure clear images of any inclusions in the gemstones. Therefore, most of these inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Carat Weight : 1.40 ct

Color : Blue,Yellow & Green

Variety : Sapphire

Cut / Shape : Oval/Mixed

Origin: Sri Lanka

Certificate ID: AMG200187-010

Heated/Unheated: Heated

Dimensions : 7.76 × 6.01 × 3.18 mm

Bi-Color sapphires are exceptionally rare stones, Bicolor Sapphire (Parti Sapphire) or TwoToned Sapphire is the result of the zoning of two colors in a single stone, that is the uneven distribution of color in a stone.This caused during formation of the crystal when conditions of the trace elements which color the stone, change.