Orange Sapphire- WS 1100

$340.00 $210.00

Beautiful yellowish orange color sapphire. Proportionally cut, heated gem stone only by regular traditional law heating methods not chemically color enhanced .Its a nice gemstone with good luster. Although it is slightly included but it does not hinder the beauty of the stone.

Kindly note that these pictures have been specifically magnified using micro/macro lenses to ensure clear images of any inclusions in the gemstones. Therefore, most of these inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Carat Weight : 2.99 ct

Color : Orange

Variety : Sapphire

Cut / Shape : Oval/Mixed

Origin: Sri Lanka

Certificate ID: AMG190073-001

Heated/Unheated: Heated

Dimensions : 9.69 × 6.92 × 5.40 mm

Orange sapphires are quite rare colored stone in the sapphire family. Orange sapphires color ranges from light pastel orange to vivid orangish ones due to its yellow and red hues.This beautiful color is a combination of chromium which gives red and Iron with gives yellow.These color verity not mined in great quantities so even stone with slight to moderate inclusions are still valuable.This colored sapphires also symbolizes power and strength of the sun.