Purple Sapphire – WS 1532

$690.00 $578.00

Unheated Purple sapphire with excellent cutting and luster.Even with it’s few fingerprint inclusions which are visible only under the 10X magnification, the color is vivid.Ideal for a ring or a small pendent .

Kindly note that these pictures have been specifically magnified using micro/macro lenses to ensure clear images of any inclusions in the gemstones. Therefore, most of these inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Carat Weight : 1.88 ct

Color : Purple

Variety : Sapphire

Cut / Shape : Cushion/Mixed

Origin: Sri Lanka

Certificate ID: AMG200227-007

Heated/Unheated: Unheated

Dimensions : 8.16 × 7.80 × 3.22 mm

Purple Sapphire is a precious gemstone . It is a variety of the mineral corundum, hardness of sapphires are 9 on the Mohs scale .This is also a desirable Gem stone due to its color ,luster, durability, and it’s hardness.