Chrysoberyl is most often a lightly colored gemstone, though increased color saturation will increase its value.The name chrysoberyl comes from the Greek words chrysos, meaning golden, and beryllos, which refers to its beryllium content. Today however, the most popular varieties of chrysoberyl are cat’s eye and alexandrite. One of chrysoberyl’s great properties is its excellent hardness (resistance to scratching). With a rating of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, it is the third hardest natural gem material (just below ruby and sapphire and slightly harder than topaz). This means chrysoberyl is ideal for any type of jewellery.Itl also has a high refractive index, so it displays a fantastic brilliance.Chrysoberyl is found in many countries, including Brazil,Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania and Madagascar.According to the legends Chrysoberyl brings the wearer a great clarity, keenness of perception, and most importantly, strength.It is also a powerful healing stone on the physical level.

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