Dementoid Garnet

Dementoid Garnet is the rarest of all the garnet varieties, and is valued by collectors for its exceptional brilliance and fire. The rarest and most valuable demantoid comes from Russia,Internally the Russian stones display fine needles in a radiating pattern that has become known in the trade as a horsetail inclusion. Only the Russian demantoid display this unique feature, which is prized by collectors. Though demantoid garnet has been found in other locations, notably Namibia and Madagascar.It has an unusually high refractive index, higher than ruby and sapphire, and this is one of the reasons for its impressive brilliance. Demantoid has a higher dispersion rating than diamond.Demantoid belongs to the andradite variety of garnet, and is a calcium iron silicate by chemical composition. The African demantoid tends be yellowish green, olive green or brownish, sometimes color changes due to higher concentrations of iron. The Russian demantoid is colored by chromium and tends to be a pure vivid green.Demantoid garnet is found mainly in small sizes, with most stones under 1 carat. Gems over 2 carats are considered extremely rare, and market prices reflect that. Among the rare garnets.

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